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I have been seeing Bruce and the team for some time now with back issues. I started going three times a week and now I go once a month. I have very few issues now with my original problem and even a new issue that has occurred has improved significantly. Originally I went to the clinic as it was next to my office and very convenient, but I’m still going there even though I no longer work next door and live 45 minutes away. Very professional setup with knowledgeable, caring and fun staff. It’s a shame there are only 5 stars they deserve at least 10!

Sharon D.

Bruce and team at Optimal Align are a fantastic, helpful and enthusiastic group of people.

I have been to chiros that seem to just spin you on a merry go round of spinal manipulations that dont have a clear direction! Bruce however, provided me with an initial xray and performed physical tests that provide a clear indication of what my problem is as well as a clear GOAL to achieve with treatment! All of which was displayed on Bruce’s super cool tech setup of course! (I finally have a reference point of which to work from!)

I immediately found relief in my neck and upper back from the first two treatments and later felt changes in my overall posture, balance and muscle tension. Carefully done spinal manipulations, home exercises, advanced traction and exercise equipment in the studio all helped me achieve this!

I strongly recommend for anyone to come in and see Bruce for improvements on spinal and general health. You dont want to have worked on yourself too late and ended up in the operating room!

Cheers guys and thanks! 🙂

Matthew S.

I am 26 year old sporty guy who came here after a friend (who has lots of back problems) recommended it after successful treatment. I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining good health but have never gone down the route of chiropractic due to all the hearsay regarding just being a ‘quick fix’… Now 10+ sessions in I am happy to say not only am I more pain free and mobile but I have a real understanding of how I can stay this way. Do yourself the favour and get that pain of yours looked at.

Liam G.

Twin two started walking after her first adjustment with Bruce (at 16 months). I attend 2 x weekly. I’m really feeling the benefits as I am now able to start running again! Interestingly, my teeth grinding and jaw alignment has improved dramatically (although that wasn’t anything I mentioned to Bruce). It has inadvertently rectified itself, with the adjustments and traction. Couldn’t recommend Bruce and his fantastic team enough. All super friendly and always welcome the twins and engage with them. Thank you Bruce, Katie & Sacha!

Rose K.

I was struggling with my posture as i had an accident at work and i did not realize that it was the reason i was suffering with my posture, sleep, extreme fatigue and i was having nightmares and i was exhausted all the time, i was suffering for as long as i can remember about 2 years.
I had about 20 to 25 sessions approximately over 3 months.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Clinic as it was so calm and relaxing and another fun thing was i really enjoyed the process as it was like my fitness workout and that made me excited to show up to the clinic.
one of the most important things i got from this process is gaining more mental clarity and bring more mindfulness to my life.

I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling mentally or physically. Optimal Align is the place to go. You will be amazed how wonderful the team members are with their optimism and them showing great care to help you. 🙂

Saif P.

Bruce (the chiropractor) and the rest of the staff are so friendly and professional and are committed to providing a high level of care to all their clients. They genuinely care about your wellbeing and adjust the intensity of the treatment to meet your needs. Through X-rays taken before and after your treatment, you can see your progress. I would strongly recommend them and have already referred a couple of friends.

Kaniye T.

I visited Optimal Align Reading when my rib pain became intolerable and discovered a practice that has both incredible staff (who support your through your therapy and keep you motivated) and a logical treatment processes with empyrical evidence showing your rate of improvement. Treatment in the clinic formally includes: muscular, skeletal, and neural. Informally, they have provided me with positive mental health support and dietary advice.

Graham H.

I’ve been going to Optimal Align for the past year and the results they’ve achieved have been nothing short of a miracle! I was suffering with severe pain to my neck and shoulder and had extremely poor posture, not only has the pain been relieved and movement improved but they’ve also corrected my posture and added half an inch to my height in the process! Sacha, Katie, Amber and Dr Bruce have been amazing every step of the way and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Shane A.

I thoroughly recommend Bruce and his team. I am finally headache free, sleeping well and generally better altogether. Bruce is my hero and his team are friendly, professional and very caring. I cannot thank them enough for all the hard work that they put in to getting me this far.

Lesley B.

Unlike everywhere else I have been about my back, Optimal Align actually care. Their investigations are thorough, using x-rays, posture photos and examination to diagnose and advise the best course of treatment.

The treatment will be tailored for you. Recovery is not instant, it takes a lot of work on both sides.
The staff are amazing, they know all their clients by name, are all easy to get along with and they’re all hilarious.
The clinic has a very calm atmosphere, often with calm music playing, they even have a positivity jar.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


I was in severe pain with my left leg and painkillers werent helping. I was barely able to stand or take a few excruciating steps. I luckily found Optimal and took up the initial consultations wish I had found them earlier… From the go Bruce explained they that it was his goal to fix the issue with my spine not just pain relief. I became pain free and off all medication after just 4 sessions and am now on the way to being hopefully fixed of my recurring nerve and sciatic pains. I have full confidence in the team of getting the desired results. One of the most endearing thing is the whole team of Katie, Amber and Sasha make it a very pleasant personal experience rather than very clinical . I have begun to refer this fine company of professionals already so forget the rest go to the best.

Satinder A.

I have been using optimal align for approx 6 weeks and I have to say that their staff and so warm and friendly the offices are immaculate and Bruce is so experienced at what he does this is by far the best experience I have ever had at a chiropractors

Tina E.

Going here is a highlight of my week. The team are brilliant, friendly & bring a smile to whomever they meet. I highly recommend Optimal.

Vincent K.

Only part way through my treatment but already noticing significant improvements. The team are warm and friendly and make you feel
Comfortable and at Home. I would definitely recommend a visit.

Anita D.

Amazing, had 20 sessions and worth every penny, highly knowledgable staff very friendly and polite, going to continue going on a regular basis. Highly recommended!

Mark R.

Thank you to bruce and the girls.full on sessions, I feel 100% better . If your back is bad Bruce is the man . And the girls will make sure you do you exercises😂

Richard D.

Back pain ✔️ Neck Pain ✔️ Generally fed up of being in pain ✔️
Saw Bruce, he found the root cause and we worked out a treatment plan. It’s amazing what the right treatment can do and almost immediately I felt so much better and even had pain free days. I’d resigned myself that Pain would be just one of those things – now I know I was wrong!
Thank you Bruce and Katie for getting me back on track.

Lisa T.

Magic hands!!!

Valentin T.

Bruce can really work magic! I’ve suffered with a bad back for over 15 years and I’m just annoyed I didn’t do this earlier! I can’t recommend them enough!

Alanna H.

Fifteen years of back pain as a roofer and twenty odd sessions with Bruce. I can finally say i am fixed. I was sceptical at first but i can honestly say that this is the best thing that you could ever do for yourself. I’m looking forward to the X ray next week to see the changes.

Paul O.

Excellent service! The team is very helpful, Bruce is very professional and knowledgeable. I benefited enormously from undertaking treatment here.

Anka A.

I am so happy with my experience at Optimal Align. Friendly, helpful team who genuinely want your health to improve. Personally, the results were amazing – I was able to correct a major problem in my posture over the space of just a few months. Visiting Optimal Align is probably the best thing I’ve done for my own health.

Tom C.

I didn’t realise how bad my spine was until i took advantage of their initial offer. I have seen a significant change in my body during my re-alignment and now have better posture which will hopefully improve during the maintenance period. I have also been able to stop taking medicine for a long term problem that did not appear to be anything to do with my spine – result! The team are always welcoming and professional and Bruce has magic fingers and hands!

Michael R.
0118 334 2612